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People’s Choice: 10 Top Scanned New Products from the 2024 SHOT Show

The New Product Center is one of the most heavily visited areas of the SHOT Show each year, with both buyers and media searching for what’s new at the show.

It’s the most extensive collection of new shooting sports, hunting, outdoor accessories and equipment ​with more than 460 featured products at the 2024 SHOT Show. While visiting the New Product Center, industry members used the SHOT Show Mobile App to scan the products they would like to quickly receive product details, manufacturer information and exhibit location. Here are some of the most scanned products from the 2024 SHOT Show.


The Ranger and Ranger +

Company: Longshot Target Camera

Longshot-RangerThe Ranger 100 and Ranger + 1,000-yard down-range camera systems are the perfect entry-level sight in target cameras at a budget-friendly price. The Ranger 100 has a guaranteed 100-yard capability, and the Ranger + 1,000 has a guaranteed 1,000-yard capability. Both connect directly to your phone or tablet via WiFi technology built into the cameras.

Users can see their shot from 100 – 1000 yards away, right on their device, through the FREE Longshot App. Make time at the range more interactive and stop walking down range to change targets and mark shots. Simply mark shots, track groups, take pictures and videos, and even calculate a shot group size, all in the app. All from the shooting position.

Price: $199.00

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Coast Runner CR-1

Company: Coast Runner CNC

Coast Runner - CR1The Easiest, Most Powerful, Most Affordable, Desktop CNC Mill. The Coast Runner CR-1 is a desktop CNC mill that packages the power and rigidity of industry-level machines into a small, affordable machine perfect for both new and experienced makers. Learn, design, mill, and share your work with Coast Runner, the CNC that makes milling as easy as 3D printing. Clean and fully enclosed to contain chips. Hardware and software e-stops keep you and your mill safe. The VFD spindle motor spins at 1500 – 8000RPM and delivers full cutting power throughout. Movement accurate to 1/1000″. Included electric probing makes finding zero easy. Automatic bed leveling and self-homing means you can focus on milling, not calibrating.

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Company: Holosun Technologies Inc.

The DPS-NV (Digital Pistol Sight) is a red dot and might vision sight that combines Holosun’s red dot sight technology with digital night vision capability. DPS-NV features an LED MRS (Multi-Reticle System) with an option to use a digital reticle. A night vision overlay is projected from a TBD resolution display at 30/60fps. The night vision camera is powered by an 18350 battery that is removable and rechargeable. DPS also includes a magnetic USB charging cable.

Tech & Features:

  • Red Dot Sight w/ Fusion Night Vision Overlay
  • 60fps Overlay Refresh Rate
  • Multiple Reticle System™ (MRS): 32 MOA Circle & 2 MOA Dot;
  • 2 MOA Dot; 32 MOA Circle


  • IP67 Certified Waterproof
  • Battery: Camera 1x 18350/ Red Dot: LiPo
  • OLED/ Sensor Resolution: 640 x 480 px
  • Reticle Brightness: 8 Daylight & 4 Night Vision Compatible Settings
  • Battery Life: TBD
  • Window Size: 1.1 x 0.87in

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Fastarmed Auto-Eject Biometric Gun Case

Company: Fastarmed

Fastarmed: Fastarmed Auto-Eject Biometric Gun Case

FASTARMED’s Auto-Eject Biometric Gun Case is used to store one pistol (can store various size pistols). Upon touching the biometric fingerprint reader, the quick-access pistol case deploys the firearm directly into the owner’s hand. Designed for easy access using either the left or right hand, the biometric fingerprint reader can store over 100 fingerprints at a time. Fastarmed’s gun case is mobile and versatile and can be used at home, in the vehicle, or at a commercial location (examples – local convenience store, school or institution, retail store, and many other locations for quick, easy, and safe access.

Price: $399.00

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DryFireMag for Sig Sauer P365 & Springfield Armory XD-M

Company: DryFireMag LLC
Dry Fire Mag for Sig Sauer P365 & Springfield Armory XD-MDryFireMag, LLC introduced the Trigger Reset Magazine in 2012. It has revolutionized dry fire practice. Made in the USA. Introducing the DryFireMag P365, for the Sig Sauer P365, P365XL, P365X Macro; the Springfield Armory XD-M; the Smart DryFireMag W/Laser powered by Laser Ammo.

  • No More Racking The Slide To Reset The Trigger
  • Builds Proper Muscle Memory
  • Practice Double Taps
  • Provides Audible & Tactile Trigger Simulation
  • Practice Safely In Your Home
  • Pays for Itself in Ammo Savings

Turn Your Gun into a Powerful Training Tool!

Original DryFireMag Price: $98.99

Smart DryFireMag w/Laser Price: $299 – $319

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The Headrest Safe

Company: Headrest Safe Company

The Headrest Safe

As recognized by the NRA with the Golden Bullseye Award, The Headrest Safe™ has quickly become the standard for anti-theft vehicle safes, providing maximum protection for your valuables or firearms. Now, you can keep all of your valuables safe when you are in and out of your vehicle with The Headrest Safe Company’s latest masterpiece: The Headrest Safe™ Slide. Want a removable safe to take with you? This is the model for you. The interior safe slides in and out of the headrest housing. It securely locks in place while in the housing. When you need it with you, just unlock the safe, slide it out, and go. Just like you, The Headrest Safe Company is concerned with the security of firearms and valuables in vehicles. That is why they have designed secure, invisible, lockable storage for your vehicle. The Headrest Safe™ Slide hides in plain sight. With a quick-access biometric reader and keypad, you have rapid access to whatever you have securely stored away.

Price: $599.00

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Patented Magnetic Protective Eyewear System with Competition Grade Lenses

Company: Magna Lens

Magna Lens - Patented Magnetic Protective Eyewear System with Competition Grade Lenses

We’ve revolutionized eye and ear protection by combining cutting-edge innovation with unbeatable comfort. Our patented magnetic connection design ensures a secure fit by attaching your eye protection directly to your earmuffs, eliminating discomfort associated with traditional gear in which eyewear frames press against the head. Our high-performance 2.9mm thick lenses set a new standard in protective lenses, and are the highest performing polycarbonate lenses you will find anywhere as far as optical performance and blast resistance. Our unique design also preserves the NRR of your earmuffs by 2 to 10 dB compared to users who wear eyewear under earmuff pads. Our magnetic eyewear can be used with almost any brand of earmuffs. The patented magnetic design literally gives you THE most comfortable way to wear earmuffs with eye protection. This system is a game-changer for shooters and will allow you to comfortably wear eye and ear protection for hours without the urge to remove them.

Price: $150.00

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Aware EarShield

Company: Aware – Custom Biometric Wearables

Aware Ear ShieldAware EarShield provides superior hearing protection with its precision custom fit and advanced materials designed to safeguard your ears while preserving essential hearing for situational awareness. Revolutionizing hearing protection with our custom-fit solution developed for the military. Our patented 3D Ear Scanner is the only technology to capture the human ear in its natural state, ensuring a perfect fit for your unique ear shape. Experience ear-powered innovation with our groundbreaking approach, leveraging our proprietary 40,000 ear scan database, 3D radial imaging, and patented tech. Our AI continuously refines precision, ensuring a perfect fit, superior design, attenuation, and optimal vent or comms placement. Maintains a secure seal. Hypoallergenic & antibacterial with an NRR of 27 dB (mean 38 dB) and attenuation up to 47 dB. Exclusive group pricing is available. See our product line at

Price: $175.00

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Virtual-Shot AI

Company: Virtual-Shot

Virtual-Shot AITransform the way you shoot with the aid of Artificial Intelligence.

Virtual-Shot has revolutionized the methods of shooter training and dry-fire exercises by incorporating an interactive display and ballistically matched firing. In contrast to other shooting systems that rely on lasers or expensive projectors, we leverage your existing firearm and mobile phone to deliver a high-end system at the cost of just a few hundred rounds.

  • Unleash Artificial Intelligence for personalized coaching based on performance.
  • Save money on ammunition.
  • Practice anywhere, anytime.
  • Enjoy interactive hunting and shooting levels for a fun experience.
  • Match your custom firearm and ammo setup

Price: $149.00

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Typhon Lead Free Ammunition

Company: Typhon Ordnance

Lead Free AmmoTyphon Ordnance is focused on producing premium lead free ammunition designed around our patented, high density material. Typhon Ordnance provides users with frangible, lead free projectiles that exceed the performace of lead in all aspects of flight while retaining devistating terminal effects. Never again compromise performance in your lead free ammunition.

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