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New Handguns Coming to Stores in 2024

When manufacturers up their game, everyone benefits.

By Eve Flanigan

Firearm consumers are an increasingly educated lot, with many shooters opting for specific guns, chamberings, and features for narrowly defined pursuits and styles rather than one do-it-all rifle, handgun, or shotgun. Today’s manufacturers have met that sophisticated audience by upping their game, offering a broader range of features on familiar but often sleeker platforms than ever before. In the past year-plus, we’ve come to expect to see optics-ready slides on handguns for nearly every budget, and it’s now normal to see a mix of tactical, technical, and traditional features on the same firearm so that every gun owner can have what’s perfectly suited to them. Here is a look at some of the many new handgun models that you will see coming to stores in 2024.

Dickinson Arms

The 1911 pistol is the gold standard by which all semi-automatic pistols have been judged. The simple, yet elegant design has withstood years of development and still reigns supreme to many shooters. Dickinson Arms’ new ADAM Series of 1911s, available in both 9mm and .45 ACP, are made with exemplary craftsmanship and attention to detail.

Dickinson Arms - Fireball Model

The Standard 1911 boasts a forged steel barrel, slide, and frame. The 9x19mm Parabellum models have a 4.37-inch-long barrel, an overall length of 7.87 inches, and a nine-round capacity; .45 ACP models have a 5-inch barrel length, an overall length of 8.5 inches, and a seven-round capacity. These models are available in a blued finish or a satin chrome finish, both with a synthetic grip.

Dickinson Arms - Rainbow Model

The Premium models come in a wide range of specialized finishes. The Fireball model has a case-hardened blued finish; the Rainbow model has a finish that changes colors as you change the angle as you hold it. The American Eagle model has a blue-and gold-finish with a beautiful bald eagle design. All of the Premium models come with wooden packaging options and are customizable.

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European American Armory

European American Armory - Girsan Witness 2311

The Girsan Witness 2311 is a double-stacked 1911 built to compete at an affordable price. This state-of-the-art semi-automatic pistol boasts a sleek design with ergonomic space-age grips, optic-ready slide (RMS/RMSc), accessory rail, multiple barrel lengths, calibers, and model configurations. In an industry where quality often comes at a premium, the Witness 2311 stands out as a true game-changer. EAA and Girsan understand the importance of providing high-quality firearms accessible to a wider audience, and that’s why the Witness 2311 is priced competitively at a starting price of $999.

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FN has expanded its rimfire interpretation of its popular 509 platform. The 502 is chambered in .22 LR and is now offered as the 502 MRD, a sporty, optic-ready, single-action gun made for extended range practice. Its package includes two 10-round magazines and plates for mounting most brands of micro optics. Conveniently, most 509 holsters are also a fit for the 502 MRD. SRP: $469.

FN - 502 MRD

On the larger side of the spectrum, FN released what they call “big bore” choices of the original 509 design. The 510 MRD is chambered in 10mm and has 10- and 15-round mags. The 545 MRD is chambered in .45 ACP, also with 10- and 15-round mags. Like the 509, these are polymer-lower, striker-fired designs with 4.1-inch barrels. Available in black and FDE. SRP: $919.

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Lone Wolf Arms

Lone Wolf Arms - DUSK19

Lone Wolf, a longtime supplier of upscale Glock aftermarket parts, has released a new line of Glock 19-inspired 9mm pistols called DUSK19. The DUSK line integrates the company’s extensive experience in satisfying performance and aesthetic demands into a compact, striker-fired platform. Lower third co-witness tritium sights are included on the optic-ready slide. Four slide colors are offered. The PVD-coated barrel is 416 stainless steel, and the 19-degree grip angle and interchangeable swells offer intuitive point-and-shoot handling for most shooters. The DUSK19 also sports a trendy flat-face trigger. This gun weighs in at less than 20 ounces for easy EDC. SRP: $649.95.

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Rossi - Brawler

Rossi could be credited with the most unusual offering of the year. The break-open, hammer-fired, single-shot handgun, the Brawler, is chambered in .410/.45 LC. Front and rear sights are included on the nine-inch barrel. Despite its near-gargantuan size (14 inches long and 38 ounces), Rossi set the Brawler up for ease of use with a thick rubber grip and a Picatinny rail that allows attachment of the optic of choice. Its steel receiver with polymer overmold is finished in black oxide. This is a big handgun for a small price. SRP: $239.

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Smith & Wesson 

The M&P Magnum is a welcome addition to the manufacturer’s M&P line. This full-size, polymer-lower handgun has a 4.35-inch barrel and internal hammer-fired operation. The enjoyment of shooting low-recoil but powerful rimfire rounds can go on and on with the M&P’s 30-round magazine. A slim and textured grip and fully ambidextrous controls mean the whole family can shoot this one. A flat-face trigger, accessory rail, and optic slot make this a thoroughly modern .22 WMR. SRP: $649.

 Smith & Wesson - M&P Line

S&W kept up the theme of small-and-fast caliber releases when they announced a new color choice to their M&P 5.7 Pistol. It’s a two-tone with a flat dark earth frame and black Armornite slide. This gun has an internal hammer and S&W’s trademarked TEMPO barrel system. In the firing sequence, the barrel cams open only after the bullet has passed the ejection port. This new technology and modern features—such as a rail, optic capability, and ambidextrous slide lock—make this gun a lightweight alternative to a varmint rifle. SRP: $719.

Larger calibers were not forgotten by S&W. They supported the renewed interest in the 10mm cartridge by releasing a new line extension of their M&P Performance Center 2.0 pistols. This one is ideal for target shooting or hunting, with a substantial 5.6-inch ported barrel and two 15-round magazines. SRP: $749.

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Stoeger - new STR-9 Combat X

For 2024, Stoeger expands its rugged and reliable STR series of polymer striker-fired pistols with the all-new STR-9 Combat X. Tested in excess of 10,000 rounds of continuous fire without failure, it is built to meet or exceed international military specifications. The STR-9 Combat X is a mid-size handgun, chambered in 9mm, with a straight-grip front strap and ambidextrous slide release. It comes with all the features of the Stoeger STR-9 Combat, including an enlarged mag well, fiber-optic sights, optic-ready slide, and a threaded muzzle.

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Taurus - GX4 Carry

The GX4 Carry is a new higher-capacity (15+1) variant of the company’s popular 9mm GX4. Other new additions include an accessory rail, a grip with a single finger groove, 3.7-inch barrel, and the company’s TORO optic-ready slide. Interchangeable backstraps and a flat-faced trigger are still in the package in this enlarged interpretation of the GX4. It should make an ideal choice for home defense or carry for anyone who can conceal its still-compact but comparatively larger dimensions. SRP: $504.99.

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Uberti - 1873 series models

The Old West meets the modern hunting woods with a new line of 1873 Hunter six-shot revolvers. Based on the classically styled Uberti 1873 series models, these revolvers—available in .45 LC and .44 Magnum chambers—add top-mounted Picatinny rails for easy scope or electronic optic integration.

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Walther - PDP Match 9mm performance duty pistol

Crafted with a balance of function and performance-based firepower, the new polymer-frame PDP Match 9mm performance duty pistol is the epitome of durability, endurance, and precision. The rust-resistant, full-size polymer frame is capable of withstanding high temperatures to support firing endurance. The larger-capacity magazine, along with an aluminum mag well and base pads, brings efficiency to magazine changes. Add in the tenifer-coated slide adorned with strategic slide cuts and the result is a sophisticated, lightweight, optics-ready handgun. Walther has also launched a steel-frame version designed to endure harsh conditions while delivering superior results.

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