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Join the #RangeChallenge during National Shooting Sports Month for a Chance to Win

Are you a target shooter looking for an exciting and rewarding experience this August? Look no further! The #RangeChallenge, brought to you by NSSF®, is back and inviting target shooters of all skill levels to participate in this fun event. National Shooting Sports Month® celebrates the joy of target shooting, and what better way to participate than through the #RangeChallenge?

Participate in the #RangeChallenge

Download a Target
To begin your #RangeChallenge journey, download and print the target. You can find it on the #RangeChallenge website or obtain one at a participating National Shooting Sports Month range. Go to the participate page and hit the download target.

Find a Range and Shoot Your Target
Locate a participating range near you using the Shooting Sports Month host/events map, or simply visit your local range. Then, take aim and have a blast on the range!

Review Game Instructions
Each target includes game instructions (courses of fire) for added excitement. Familiarize yourself with the rules and get ready to showcase your shooting skills.

Enter to for a Chance to Win Prizes
After you’ve completed the challenge, it’s time to enter for a chance to win fantastic prizes! Upload a photo of yourself with the target or share a photo or video on your Instagram feed using the hashtag #RangeChallenge. By doing so, you’ll be automatically entered into a drawing for one of ten $500 gift cards.

Spread the Fun

The #RangeChallenge is not just about individual participation; it’s an opportunity to engage with others and share the joy of target shooting. Here are three easy ways to spread the fun and possibly increase your odds of winning:

Tag Three Friends
Challenge your friends on social media by tagging three of them and inviting them to the range. Who knows? You might inspire them to become passionate about target shooting too.

Share Your Experience
After taking part in the #RangeChallenge, share your experience on social media. Encourage your friends to join in the fun and take up the challenge themselves.

Support Local Businesses and Ranges
Tag your favorite gun range, firearm retailers, and manufacturers in your posts. Show your appreciation for their support of the shooting community and encourage others to visit them.

Get ready to take aim and participate in the #RangeChallenge this August! Don’t miss your chance to win one of ten $500 gift cards by sharing your experience on social media. Spread the word, challenge your friends, and support your local shooting ranges and businesses. Embrace the #RangeChallenge, and let’s make this National Shooting Sports Month unforgettable!

Enter For a Chance to Win

Are you a range owner?

Shooting facilities are encouraged to sign up to receive a package of official #RangeChallenge targets. When completing the sign-up form, click on the “Add an Event or Promotion” button and select #RangeChallenge Target Games under “Event Type” or contact Zach Snow for further assistance at [email protected] / 203-426-1320 ext. 224. NSSF will also send partnering ranges a promotional package of National Shooting Sports Month items while supplies last. An updated #RangeChallenge Toolkit will help ranges with their marketing and communications efforts tied to this entertaining activity. Companies and organizations should also use the toolkit resources to promote participation in this activity throughout August.