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‘Find Your Range’ to enjoy National Shooting Sports Month

Take your first step toward enjoying a day at the range during National Shooting Sports Month® this August by locating a shooting facility in your area with LetsGoShooting.org’s “Find A Range” feature.

You’ll see thousands of indoor ranges and outdoor ranges across the country listed, with dozens of target sports to try, from ringing steel targets with handguns and rifles or breaking clay birds in the shotgun sports of trapshooting, skeet and sporting clays, to competition in 3-Gun and Cowboy Action Shooting.

National Shooting Sports Month was developed by the National Shooting Sports Foundation® (NSSF®) to celebrate participation in target shooting — a safe, fun activity enjoyed by millions of Americans. Not surprisingly, the idea of handling a gun safely and testing one’s hand-eye coordination at the range is intriguing to many non-shooters. Research by NSSF shows that 24 million Americans are very interested in learning about the shooting sports, making National Shooting Sports Month the perfect time to give target shooting a try.

Experienced shooters celebrate National Shooting Sports Month by Inviting your friends and family to the range with you, encourage them to take their first shots. If you are interested in trying out the shooting sports but don’t have a mentor you can always give your local range a call and let them know you’re interested in learning about target shooting. Ranges provide safe, supervised introductions to newcomers all the time, and many offer leagues, clubs, date nights and other social activities you might be interested in joining.

Before heading to the range it is a good idea for experienced and novice shooters alike to watch NSSF’s Range Safety and Etiquette video. It’s a great introduction to safe firearms handling rules and what’s expected of customers at shooting facilities.

LetsGoShooting.org, is the place to find information about National Shooting Sports Month and the many target shooting sports available. In addition to finding a nearby range, you can use LetsGoShooting.org to locate a firearms retailer near you, learn about shooting competitions and sales events, print targets, watch shooting tip videos and learn how to safely handle and securely store your firearms.

Remember to use the hashtag #LetsGoShooting to share your range experience on social media. Stay connected to the shooting sports by following Let’s Go Shooting on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.

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