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Makayla Scott Built a Field of Dreams

By Larry Case In the world of competitive shotgun shooting, Makayla Scott has become a force to be reckoned with. […]

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The Kim Rhode Story: Shotguns and Family

We talked with the Olympic legend about the shooting sports, family, representing the U.S., and living and training in an […]

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Doug Koenig — A “Family First” Champion

Doug Koenig is one of the phenoms in the competitive shooting sports. His remarkable abilities with a handgun over the […]

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My Shooting Story: Jessica Delos Reyes

“My Shooting Sports Story” is a place for people from all walks of life to share how they got started […]

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Ryan Muller — Engineering Success In Competitive Shooting

By Warren Berg At first blush, I found Ryan Muller something of an enigma. Here’s a guy who’s a self-proclaimed […]

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Gabby Franco — Olympian, Competitor, Mom

By Warren Berg When she was a little girl growing up in Venezuela, Gabriella “Gabby” Franco’s father learned that the […]

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Chris Cheng — An Unlikely Top Shot

Chris Cheng is one of the more unlikely people I can think of to become a top shooter. He not […]

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George Norton — Breaking the Rifle Athlete Mold

“Jokes and smallbore—that’s what I do!” says George Norton proudly during one of the Olympic Team Trials matches. And he’s really not that far off. You can easily spot the tall, lanky, Army Marksmanship Unit rifle shooter at any match. He’s the one pumping his fist in the air with the wide, agape smile after a win, laughing with his teammates off the range or creating memes for his Facebook page.

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Shooter Profile—USA Shooting’s Paralympic Rifle Competitor John Joss

“I am a pretty happy-go-lucky guy, but there’s nothing on earth that has frustrated me more or made me happier than this sport. It demands all of your attention. You can’t blame it on anyone else—it’s an individual sport.”

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