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Youth and College Shooting Programs

There’s no better way to ensure your child grows up with a safe and secure knowledge of correct firearm usage […]

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Makayla Scott Built a Field of Dreams

By Larry Case In the world of competitive shotgun shooting, Makayla Scott has become a force to be reckoned with. […]

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The Kim Rhode Story: Shotguns and Family

We talked with the Olympic legend about the shooting sports, family, representing the U.S., and living and training in an […]

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Tips from the Best Clays Shooters in the United States

Every four years at the Olympics, America gets a glimpse of the clay-target games the rest of the world shoots. […]

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George Norton — Breaking the Rifle Athlete Mold

“Jokes and smallbore—that’s what I do!” says George Norton proudly during one of the Olympic Team Trials matches. And he’s really not that far off. You can easily spot the tall, lanky, Army Marksmanship Unit rifle shooter at any match. He’s the one pumping his fist in the air with the wide, agape smile after a win, laughing with his teammates off the range or creating memes for his Facebook page.

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Master Craft: Morgan Craft—Muncy Valley, Pennsylvania

Confidence breeds success, and there’s no greater example of that than the rise of skeet shooter Morgan Craft in 2015. In a discipline full of stars, including five-time Olympic medalist Kim Rhode, it was Craft who shined the brightest in 2015.

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First Shots Shooter Profile: Vincent Hancock, Olympic Skeet Shooter

When asked the three things he’s into right now, Vincent Hancock’s reply could basically be boiled down into three distinct “F” words: faith, family and the future.

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Keith Sanderson’s Theory of Everything (…and Pistol Shooting)

Two-time Olympian Keith Sanderson talks like he shoots: Fast, loud, brash, but with reason.

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New Shooter Profile: A Conversation with USA Shooting’s Jessica Delos Reyes

Jessica Delos Reyes is the Media and Public Relations Manager for USA Shooting, the national governing body for the Olympic shooting sports, based in Colorado Springs, Colorado. A relative newbie on the job—she started on April 1, 2013—Delos Reyes is discovering the finer aspects of the sport of shooting from the finest shooters in the world.

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The Road to Rio

Sometimes it takes a second chance to make the right impression.

It was just such a second chance that allowed, Rome, New York, native Tammy Delano to move to the Olympic Training Center as a resident athlete, win a gold medal at the International Paralympic Committee (IPC) World Cup in Poland, and earn the right to compete in R2 and R3 for the USA Shooting Team at the IPC World Championships in Suhl, Germany.

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