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Basics of Choosing a Long-Range Cartridge

Let’s cover some basics of selecting an appropriate long-range cartridge here. Between the old and proven standbys and the hot new kids on the block, today’s long-range shooter has nearly as many cartridges to choose from as they do guns. Not all are created equal; some really only shine in a limited range of applications. Too, some cartridges are best left on the dealer’s shelf.

Assuming you have decided on a rifle model designed for long-range shooting, the next step is selecting a cartridge for that new shooting stick. Here there are some things that need to be addressed in making that decision.

First off, looking at a list of possible cartridges, you will see huge differences between them. This includes recoil levels, price per round, basic working range applications, and even specific rifle types.

Second, you’re not likely to find factory rifles chambered in some of the exotics. Buying a 6mm-284 over the counter or one in 7.82 Warbird is highly unlikely. Such rounds are mostly proprietary propositions, and that means custom rifles.

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