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Guns from Grandpa

Frank writes:
My 11-year-old granddaughter has joined a trap club and is using a 20-gauge Remington 11-87 with a Modified choke that I gave to her. In her first meet, with only six practice sessions under her belt, she shot a 94/200, which seemed pretty good to me.

Should we continue to work with the 11-87, which is a field gun, or should she be handed a trap gun? If we move forward with the field gun, should we change to a different choke tube? A Skeet or Cylinder? If she needs a trap gun, what kind would you recommend?


First of all, thanks for taking an interest in your granddaughter’s shooting, for buying her a sensible gun, and for asking for advice about the next gun. Guns from grandpa are one of the banes of my existence as a trap coach. (I say that in full recognition that if even one bane of my existence is kids shooting the wrong gun, my existence is going very well.) Kids love guns from grandpa, whether they are appropriate for trap shooting or not, and therefore insist on shooting them in the face of almost any argument, including strings of 0s on a scorecard.

So listen up, grandfathers: You have an important responsibility to get the guns right.

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