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Getting Started with Trap Shooting

During the 18th century, European hunters began releasing live pigeons from “traps,” which usually consisted of a hat placed over the bird prior to its release. That’s how the sport got its name, but today live pigeons have been replaced by clay discs (which are often referred to as “clay pigeons” in reference to the early use of live birds). Trap ranges are found throughout the country, and it’s a safe bet that there’s a range not far from you.

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Learning Progressive-Position Air Pistol

Looking for a sport for a budding young pistol shooter? Check out Progressive-Position Pistol (PPP), designed to take a new youth shooters from beginner to competitor. With no minimum age restrictions and with the allowance of some supportive shooting aids during competition, PPP caters to air pistol sports, with minimal investment in equipment.

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Conversations with New Shooters:Lucretia Free

She says she wears a “publisher’s hat.” Meet Lucretia Free, founder and publisher of The American Woman Shooter.

Free isn’t new to the publishing business, having already launched the successful community newspaper in southeast Tucson, The Vail Voice, and its sister paper in northeast Tucson, The Tanque Verde Voice. She is, however, new to the shooting sports.

“Early last year, a friend invited me to the range. I was expecting it to be a very long morning. Instead, I was very surprised to find that I enjoyed shooting,” recalled Free.

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Meet the Shotgun

Let’s take a look at what makes a shotgun a shotgun. If you rely on Hollywood for your information, a shotgun can never miss and is capable of knocking a 1970 Pontiac GTO clear across Hazzard County. In reality, they’re not quite like that, but a shotgun is one very versatile gun. Competition, recreation, hunting and home defense — a shotgun can do it all. Tom McHale provides a look at the types of shotguns and other things you should know.

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