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Why Nothing Beats a .22!

The .22 is perhaps one of the most important handgun training tools for improving marksmanship. It is recognized as a foundational training aid for pure marksmanship, that is, trigger control, learning sight alignment and sight picture.

A 1911 .45 and a 1911 .22

It isn’t a bad idea to have a rimfire doppelganger for the centerfire handgun. A 1911 .45 and a 1911 .22 are a classic combination.

Why is a .22 rimfire a good choice for handgun training?

  • .22 rimfire ammo is affordable and offers virtually no recoil.
  • New and experienced shooters alike benefit from .22 handgun practice.
  • There are many new releases of .22 LR-chambered handguns
  • S&W’s Victory and Ruger’s Mark IV in Target or Competition are good examples.

A proven resource in creating a marksman is the use of inexpensive .22-caliber ammunition and firearms. Any way you slice it, the difference in price between rimfire and centerfire ammunition allows you to fire many more rounds of rimfire than is possible in a single service cartridge of centerfire. The rimfire offers little or no recoil, minimal report and good accuracy.

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