June 2015 - NSSF Let's Go Shooting


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How to Protect your Ears and Eyes While Shooting

The human body is an incredible machine. We have a tendency to abuse it pretty well during our youth, and yet it still does what it needs to do to keep us going. When it comes to your vision and hearing, however, I think we all agree that an abundance of caution is wise no matter what your age.

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Getting Started in Sporting Clays

Sporting clays is arguably one of modern shotgun history’s most popular sports. It is one that can be extremely challenging, yet it’s also a discipline a complete beginner can participate in and enjoy.

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Understanding Shotgun Chokes

When you pull the trigger of your shotgun, a column of round shot pellets leaves the barrel and spreads out into a “pattern.” This pattern widens as the group of shot pellets gets further away from the muzzle. At some point, that pattern will be spread apart too far to hit targets at the extreme edge of the shotgun’s effective range; there will be too much space between the individual pellets in the pattern, and all that space is opportunity for a target to escape unscathed.

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An Introduction to International Skeet

The world of shotgun sports, including everything from American trap and skeet to International trap, skeet and double trap, is broad but enjoyed by many. Whether you are a competitive shooter or just enjoying any of the disciplines for fun with friends and family, it’s always a great feeling to watch those orange clay birds disintegrate before your eyes.

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Shooter Profile — Theo Ribbs, Dripping Springs, Texas

Wearing Tiger Woods’ iconic red-and-black Sunday colors, Theo Ribbs pursues a similar path in the world of sporting clays. This young, African-American shooter witnessed a great example of breaking down sports barriers via positive attitude and skill from his father, Willie T. Ribbs, the first black driver in the Indianapolis 500 (1991). At 23, son Theo is building his own brand with the help from family and other great athletes before him.

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