January 2015 - NSSF Let's Go Shooting


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A Brief History of the Model 1911 Handgun

Among the numerous handgun designs available today, possibly the most recognizable and endeared pistol is the U.S. Government Model 1911.

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What Exactly are Firearm Magazines?

Ah, the magazine, the unsung hero of the firearm. These little gems are what make any gun a “repeating” firearm, and their creation single handedly changed the face of modern warfare.

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Anyone Can Shoot

When introduced the right way, the shooting sports can be a great hobby. Young or old, big or small, short or tall, male or female, anyone can shoot.

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The Grandaddy of Colt 1911 Competition: NRA Bull’s-Eye

There are, as you might suspect, numerous sports one can shoot with a Colt 1911 or one of its many current day variations. But if you want to stay in keeping with the history of the gun itself, look no further than National Rifle Association (NRA) sanctioned bull’s-eye events.

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First Shots Shooter Profile—Meet Rimfire Challenge Competitor Cheyenne Dalton

At eight years of age, Cheyenne Dalton took her first shots with a firearm. She admits that she was apprehensive at first, but the nerves quickly gave way to excitement.

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