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Shooter Profile—Meet Wyatt Brown, Twin Falls, Idaho

So intent on earning a spot at last year’s World Championships alongside his brother, National Team member Will Brown, 20-year old Wyatt Brown of Twin Falls, Idaho, shot left-handed to train for the USA Shooting National Championships after a fractured wrist left him without any other options. He credits a lot of where he’s at in this sport to Will, a good mentor for sure, but what you’ll find out in reading this Q&A with Wyatt is that he has personality and perspective distinctly all his own.

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First Shots Shooter Profile—Janessa Beaman, Elbert, Colorado

The tattoos, body piercings and claw-like nails might make you think Janessa Beaman found her way into the wrong sport. See her shoot, though, and all doubt is erased. She was born to do this, and she’s showing us all why.

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First Shots Shooter Profile: McKenna Dahl, Arlington, Washington

McKenna Dahl may not be a shooting name you know quite yet—but you will.

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First Shots Shooter Profile—Meet Rimfire Challenge Competitor Cheyenne Dalton

At eight years of age, Cheyenne Dalton took her first shots with a firearm. She admits that she was apprehensive at first, but the nerves quickly gave way to excitement.

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A Conversation with Kenn Blanchard, “Black Man With A Gun”

Kenn Blanchard tells the story of having an edgy name. While in a men’s room, someone noticed him and called out loudly, “Hey! Black man with a gun!” The other occupants of that room immediately went on red alert, looking around for someone with a firearm. “Nah, it’s cool,” said Blanchard. “I am known internationally because of my gun activism, website, podcast (“Black Man With A Gun”) and books.”

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