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3 Tips for Mastering Rabbit Clay Targets

Shooting clay targets is an exhilarating sport that requires precision, focus, and adaptability. Among the various types of clay targets, the rabbit target stands out as a challenging one. Its unique characteristics often leave shooters frustrated, but with the right techniques and understanding, you can master the art of hitting rabbit clay targets. In this article, we’ll delve into expert advice from experienced shooters to help you improve your rabbit target shooting skills.

Understanding Rabbit Clay Targets:

The rabbit target, a low-profile, rolling target, can be particularly vexing for shooters. It appears to move faster than it actually does, creating an optical illusion that leads to missed shots. Here’s how to tackle this challenge effectively:

1. Slow Down:

One common mistake made by shooters is overestimating the speed of the rabbit target. It’s crucial to slow down your approach. The illusion of speed is created by the target’s motion against the background. By maintaining a deliberate and controlled gun speed, you’ll be better equipped to gauge the actual speed of the target.

2. Focus on the Center:

Unlike other clay targets, it’s not advisable to fixate on the front edge of the rabbit target because it’s in constant transition. Instead, concentrate your gaze on the center of the target. This technique helps reduce the perceived speed and minimizes the bouncing effect, allowing for a more accurate shot.

3. Shot Placement:

Inside 25 yards, aim directly at the center of the target. Rabbit clay targets have a tendency to skip in this instance, aim centered but just slightly below the target, maintaining a consistent, slower gun speed. This adjustment ensures that you don’t miss the rabbit target by shooting in front or above it.

Hear from Experts

Gil Ash of OSP Shooting School says that the target’s speed is an optical illusion and explains how to consistently stop those rabbits in their tracks.

Doug Painter, former executive director and president/CEO of the National Shooting Sports Foundation, highlights two common mistakes shooters make and offers insights on how to correct them.


Mastering rabbit clay targets is a rewarding achievement for any clay shooter. By understanding the unique challenges posed by these targets and implementing the expert tips provided, you can significantly improve your success rate. Remember firearm safety depends on you. Find a local shooting ranges to practice and refine your skills. With dedication and practice, you’ll soon find yourself hitting those pesky rabbits with confidence and precision. Happy shooting!

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