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How Big of a Deal is Concealed Carry?

Concealed carry of your firearm is a big deal. How big? As of 2013, all 50 states have some form of concealed carry law on the books. But, just because you can carry, does that mean you should? This is a question of mindset, one that only you can answer.

The instinct to protect one’s self is basic, no matter the tool chosen. If one chooses to use a firearm for protection of self, family, and home, much thought needs to go into the process: what to carry, how to carry, when to carry, and where to carry are the top considerations. Most are personal choices, while others are dictated by the law.

No matter your choices, education is the key. Learn your firearm and how it works, practice safely drawing from your holster in a safe location and with an unloaded firearm. Know your local laws regarding where you can carry and where you cannot. Continue to take classes and become proficient in your shooting abilities.

Here are great articles and videos for anyone wanting to learn about concealed carry.

And make sure you browse through the long list of resources on to discover other great ways to get involved in target shooting and the shooting sports. Remember that firearms safety is first and foremost, and that depends on you!