March 2015 - NSSF Let's Go Shooting


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What’s ‘Dram Equivalent’ Mean?

If you’re lucky, occasionally you’ll stumble upon a box of shotshells that’s labeled “Low Recoil.” But most aren’t, which leads us to the one thing that’s still printed on nearly every box of modern shotshells produced today: Dram Equivalent.

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First Shots Shooter Profile—Janessa Beaman, Elbert, Colorado

The tattoos, body piercings and claw-like nails might make you think Janessa Beaman found her way into the wrong sport. See her shoot, though, and all doubt is erased. She was born to do this, and she’s showing us all why.

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The Remington Model 1100 Auto-loading Shotgun

The shotgun is a tool less precise than a rifle or handgun, but excellent for hitting objects that are flying or running. The single-shot shotgun has been a staple among entry-level shotgunners, but as the game birds pursued by hunters and the clay targets by competitors often present themselves in multiples, the advantage of more than one shot is easily understood.

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Skeet Shooting

Today, skeet is one of the most popular of all shotgun events. The National Skeet Shooting Association has thousands of members and hundreds of clubs in every state.

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