February 2015 - NSSF Let's Go Shooting


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The M1 Garand

In 1936, the U.S. Army’s darling rifle, the Model 1903 Springfield bolt-action, was officially replaced by what General George S. Patton described as “the greatest battle implement ever devised”—the M1 Garand. After three decades of bolt-action weapons, the Army had decided it was time to move to an auto-loading firearm, one that would give soldiers superior firepower on the battlefield.

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Focused on Fundamentals

The awesome thing about the shooting sports is that the basic fundamentals apply to all firearms. The principles for shooting a .300 Winchester are essentially the same as for shooting a .22 Long Rifle.

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One-Hole Accuracy—The Sport of Benchrest Rifle

“Only accurate rifles are interesting.” Perhaps that sentiment is a bit overstated, especially if you’re new to the shooting sports, but the general desire to shoot more accurately and hit the intended target every time you pull the trigger is not, and it is just that desire that spawned the sport of benchrest.

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First Shots Shooter Profile: McKenna Dahl, Arlington, Washington

McKenna Dahl may not be a shooting name you know quite yet—but you will.

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A Brief History of the Mauser 98

The 19th century saw many innovative firearms designs, but one of the most important firearms to make its debut in this era was Peter Paul Mauser’s Model 98 bolt-action repeating rifle.

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