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The Effect of Gravity on a Bullet’s Path

Gravity has an inordinate effect on a bullet’s flight path. But because it’s consistent, gravity can be easily overcome to make an accurate shot.

Accurately hitting a target, especially at long range, requires the mastery of two skills:

  1. Determining the direction a bullet needs to be shot so that it hits the target
  2. Shooting the bullet in the precise direction needed. It’s that simple.

The first skill involves knowing the path the bullet will take on its way to the target. This is mastered with knowledge, some math and correctly identifying certain variables like distance, wind and temperature — it’s all about the conditions/environment.

The second skill involves firing the rifle when it’s aimed exactly where it needs to be. This is mastered with lots of practice and proper employment of the fundamentals of shooting — it’s all about you.

Obviously, there are many variables and fundamentals to learn about and master. But we’ll start here.

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