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We All Learn Differently

I enjoy listening to other firearms instructors, whether I am taking a class or sitting in on a First Shots event. The basic rules of firearms safety never change, and neither do the basic fundamentals of marksmanship. What is different is how the information is presented.

What makes life so interesting is our perspectives. We have different backgrounds, live in different parts of the country and have different life experiences. Inevitably, that means we have different ways of looking at things.

As instructors, we need to recognize that every individual learns differently. Some folks can hear something and know exactly what to do. Some need to read about it first, while others need some sort of visual demonstration in order to understand the concept.

Take, for example, instruction on how to properly align a handgun’s sights. I’ve sat in classes where you can see the light bulbs going off over the heads of the folks who “get it,” just as I can see the question marks forming over those who don’t. Some instructors put together visuals to help those with the question marks. For instance, I’ve seen paper cutouts showing the relation of the front sight to the rear sight. Such a thing often helps.

As instructors and students, we all must remember that what seems like a simple concept can be understood in many different ways. For students, when we don’t understand, you must know that there is no shame is asking for more information or a different explanation. In the same vein, instructors need to be observant of their students and ensure they understand the points being conveyed.

I hope this inspires you to seek more instruction or introduce another new person to firearms safety and the shooting sports. If so, let’s go to work on our skills and find a range on which we can practice safely, take a class or even maybe participate in a competition. You can do all of these things by using the Where To Shoot website, which has a listing of ranges across the United States. No matter what you choose to do, have fun and remember, firearms safety depends on you!