October 2014 - NSSF Let's Go Shooting


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Hooray for Hollywood

I grew up with guns, but they were always the two-dimensional type. I still laugh every time I see Bugs Bunny put his finger in the barrel of Elmer Fudd’s shotgun and it blows up in Elmer’s face. Also, I never understood why Sgt. York licked his finger to wet his front sight, but it still made me giggle. From cops and robbers to absurd car chases and unrealistic explosions, I am a fan of it all. I thought Cowboys & Aliens was the best combination since peanut butter and jelly.

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Cartridge Parts—The New Shooter’s Dictionary

Welcome to the First Shots New Shooter’s Dictionary!

As a new shooter, you might feel overwhelmed by all the terminology surrounding guns and ammunition. Believe it or not, knowing many of these terms and their definitions isn’t just a matter of trivia, but actually a matter of safety. To help you learn the ropes and safely buy and use your firearms and ammunition, we’re introducing “First Shots Firearms Dictionary” by Philip Massaro. Philip is a custom handloader and avid hunter who has written two books on reloading and ammunition. This month’s subject is …

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Shooting Sports to Try: Metallic Silhouette Shooting

Have a gun? Almost any gun? Pistol, revolver, smallbore rifle, hunting rifle, lever-action, blackpowder rifle or even an airgun? Then you might find metallic silhouette competition is the game for you.

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A Conversation with Kenn Blanchard, “Black Man With A Gun”

Kenn Blanchard tells the story of having an edgy name. While in a men’s room, someone noticed him and called out loudly, “Hey! Black man with a gun!” The other occupants of that room immediately went on red alert, looking around for someone with a firearm. “Nah, it’s cool,” said Blanchard. “I am known internationally because of my gun activism, website, podcast (“Black Man With A Gun”) and books.”

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