November 2015 - NSSF Let's Go Shooting


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True Stories of the Wild West

There’s something about the movies of the Old West. Cowboys riding horses and shooting six-shot revolvers that never seemed to run out of ammunition. Traveling for days on horseback and never needing a change of clothes. The best part was always that they seemed to know where they were going, without a map, compass or Siri.

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The Truth Behind Twist Rates

The creation of “rifling” is one of the most significant advances in firearms history. Cut down the length of the interior of the barrel surface in a curving or spiral manner, rifling is comprised of “lands” (the portion of the rifling with the smallest diameter) and “grooves” (the portion of the rifling with the widest diameter).

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The Ruger No. 1 Single-Shot Rifle

While repeating actions still sit firmly planted at the top of the heap when it comes to rifle popularity, the Ruger No. 1 has a huge following. There is a certain nostalgic appeal to having a rifle that possesses just one shot. It speaks to the marksman who wishes to hone his or her skills so that precision in shot placement takes precedence over firepower.

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Shooter Profile—USA Shooting’s Paralympic Rifle Competitor John Joss

“I am a pretty happy-go-lucky guy, but there’s nothing on earth that has frustrated me more or made me happier than this sport. It demands all of your attention. You can’t blame it on anyone else—it’s an individual sport.”

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