May 2015 - NSSF Let's Go Shooting


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Vocabulary—Just What is the Difference Between Rimfire and Centerfire Ammunition?

Ammunition for the modern rifles and pistols we use fall into one of two categories, rimfire or centerfire, and it’s important to understand the differences between them.

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An Introduction to International-Style Rifle Shooting

When I first started trying out for my high school sports teams, there was something I found out rather quickly: I was a below-average runner and didn’t have the athletic skills for most of the different teams I tried out for. My junior year however, I shot my first rifle at my local range and became hooked.

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Sportsmen Make the Great Outdoors

Did you know that as active outdoors people and shooting sports participants we all help contribute to making the outdoor world the great place that it is?

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Hard-Kicking Rifles: Tricks to Relieve Recoil

There are two types or recoil: real recoil, measured in foot-pounds; and perceived recoil, what you feel. Perceived recoil is affected by the makeup and design of the rifle, and it can’t really be calculated.

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