June 2014 - NSSF Let's Go Shooting


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Finding the Right Competition for Your Pistol Skills

There are so many opportunities to compete with your pistol. From air pistols to full-power handguns, there is something for every type of pistol shooter in this roundup below.

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Try Competitions To Become A More Effective Shooter

There’s a big difference between good and effective.

If you are involved in shooting purely for recreation and the joy of punching holes in paper or tin cans, then being a good shooter is, well, good enough.

If you intend to use your gun for self or home defense, then you need to think about how to become a more effective shooter.

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Target Shooters are Friendly and Supportive

As a new shooter, you should have three objectives: Be safe, strive to be better and have fun. Shooting in competitions is a great way to accomplish each of these goals.

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