December 2015 - NSSF Let's Go Shooting


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Shotgun Fit — A Key Component to Shooting Success

In a word, shotguns are awesome to shoot! They are just so versatile. Whether you’re looking for something when the wolf huffs and puffs at your front door, a short- to medium-range deer stopper, a tool for bringing home a pheasant dinner or one with which to enjoy a round or two of sporting clays, a shotgun will get the job done in style.

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Getting Started with Trap Shooting

During the 18th century, European hunters began releasing live pigeons from “traps,” which usually consisted of a hat placed over the bird prior to its release. That’s how the sport got its name, but today live pigeons have been replaced by clay discs (which are often referred to as “clay pigeons” in reference to the early use of live birds). Trap ranges are found throughout the country, and it’s a safe bet that there’s a range not far from you.

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Master Craft: Morgan Craft—Muncy Valley, Pennsylvania

Confidence breeds success, and there’s no greater example of that than the rise of skeet shooter Morgan Craft in 2015. In a discipline full of stars, including five-time Olympic medalist Kim Rhode, it was Craft who shined the brightest in 2015.

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