April 2015 - NSSF Let's Go Shooting


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Overcome the Fear Factor by Bringing a +ONE to the Range

Certainly, fear is what keeps some people from learning how to shoot. The media and television have convinced them that all firearms are bad and no one should touch them. Of course, we who are familiar with firearms know those things aren’t true, but how do we convince others who haven’t experienced what we have?

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Shooter Profile—Meet Wyatt Brown, Twin Falls, Idaho

So intent on earning a spot at last year’s World Championships alongside his brother, National Team member Will Brown, 20-year old Wyatt Brown of Twin Falls, Idaho, shot left-handed to train for the USA Shooting National Championships after a fractured wrist left him without any other options. He credits a lot of where he’s at in this sport to Will, a good mentor for sure, but what you’ll find out in reading this Q&A with Wyatt is that he has personality and perspective distinctly all his own.

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Your Revolver Can Fire What?

One piece of information new handgun shooters often hear about is that they can fire .38 Special ammunition through their .357 Magnum revolver. This can be confusing, given the emphasis placed in firearms safety training on never using a cartridge in a gun that doesn’t specifically say it can use that cartridge.

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Cowboy Action Shooting — Home of the Single-Action Revolver

As Phil Massaro discussed in his piece on S&W revolvers, “wheelguns” can be divided by the their action types to be classified as either single- or double-action. When it comes to the shooting sports and revolvers, the one where single-actions reign supreme is in the sport of Cowboy Action Shooting.

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