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Target Shooters are Friendly and Supportive

As a new shooter, you should have three objectives: Be safe, strive to be better and have fun. Shooting in competitions is a great way to accomplish each of these goals.

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Why You Might Like Sporting Clays

If you like to play golf, or even mini-golf, and you like to shoot skeet or trap, you’re going to love sporting clays. Or if you want more of a challenge than shooting at airborne clay targets, you’ll appreciate the change-up when a “rabbit” target zigzags across the field in front of you. Barbara Baird provides a look at sporting clays, commonly referred to as “golf with a shotgun.”

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Meet the Shotgun

Let’s take a look at what makes a shotgun a shotgun. If you rely on Hollywood for your information, a shotgun can never miss and is capable of knocking a 1970 Pontiac GTO clear across Hazzard County. In reality, they’re not quite like that, but a shotgun is one very versatile gun. Competition, recreation, hunting and home defense — a shotgun can do it all. Tom McHale provides a look at the types of shotguns and other things you should know.

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Jamie Gray, 2012 Olympic Gold Medalist — From First Shots to Golden Shots

Competing as an Olympic athlete and earning an Olympic gold medal in London has provided rifle shooter Jamie Gray (Lebanon, Pa.) with unmatched perspective in terms of what the shooting sports has provided her. What began as a way to connect with her older brother, has now turned into a life-long love affair with a game that demands perfection, mental fortitude and the incessant need to educate the masses about a sport limited by its exposure but yet driven by a passionate following. We introduce you to one of the sport’s best in hopes it can help motivate the hesitant or drive the unwilling to learn more about the sport and fire the First Shots toward a lifetime of fun, opportunity and reward. Read More.

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Buying Your First Handgun

Have you have made the decision to purchase your first handgun? As Barbara Baird writes, “Maybe you’ve just come from a First Shots pistol course or another class that introduced you to the shooting sports, or maybe this idea has been taking root for a long time? For whatever reason, you’re ready to purchase your first handgun. Even if you know which gun you want to buy, it’s helpful to go through this checklist to see if it truly fits your needs.”

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Revolver or Semi-Auto: What’s Right For You?

For this inaugural issue of First Shots News, Tom McHale addresses one of the most persistent, and challenging, decisions for new shooters: revolver or semi-auto? As Tom notes, finding answers these days is easy on the Internet, but, “ask a simple question like ‘should I get a semi-automatic or a revolver’ and you’ll get 4,357 opinions and a few offers for diet plans of the stars.” Here is Tom’s take.

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