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Welcome to the #RangeChallengeSM Series Test your Skills & Introduce Someone - Win Prizes
Give 'Summer Shots' a Try

There is a new target game in town for all to enjoy! Test your skills on the Summer Shots target games with family and friends for a chance to win rewards. The Summer Shots target games is offered for a limited time so make sure to take aim before the season ends on September 23. Get started today by following the steps below.

Getting Started: Instructions

"Summer Shots" Game


Find a Range

Use map below to find a participating range near you or download/print the target and try it out at your local range.


Get Ready

Review the game instructions (courses of fire) on the target and prepare accordingly.


Step to the Line!

Have fun while shooting the #RangeChallenge Series


Enter to Win Gear!

After shooting, enter in the weekly or biweekly gear giveaways by posting a photo or video to Instagram using the hashtag #RangeChallenge.


Tell your Friends!

Challenge your friends to join the fun, test their skills, introduce someone new and to share their experiences on Instagram as they challenge others to do the same!


Select a state on the map below to find a participating range near you.

No host ranges near you? Download some targets here, print them and try it out at your local range. Let your local range/s know that they can receive a promotional package that includes targets and other items by becoming a host range.

Select State

Download #RangeChallenge Targets

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Join the +ONESM Movement

If just one in three of America’s recreational shooters adds one new person to the shooting sports, we’ll secure a strong future for generations to come. So be the one. Relive the excitement of that first shot through the eyes of a friend! Join the +ONE movement and invite someone to the range today. Share your experience with posts on social media. #PlusOneMovementSM